Astrum Medicum: Venus in Scorpio October 8th- November 1st, 2019

Venus the warm and moist planet will be transiting the sign of Scorpio for the next little while. Scorpio rules the reproductive system and having a warm moist planet transiting this area can lead to UTIs and overall bladder weakness.

These issues are the result of a deep unexpressed creativity. Sometimes when we are feeling upset or are easily triggered, there is something we are not saying or expressing which then gets stored in our liver who becomes overburdened. The liver will then weaken our digestive system where unexpressed feelings then get passed down into the Scorpionic underworld of the reproductive system.

Venus has a relaxing effect on the part of the body she is transiting and this makes our emotional boundaries too lax. Venus in Scorpio likes to go deep into investigation and penetrate people’s minds and emotions, but without establishing healthy boundaries for yourself first, you run the risk of contaminating your sacred waters.

Every feeling we experience gets stored in our sacral chakra where it is supposed to be released through creativity. When Venus is in the sacral chakra, it’s as though our feelings are leaking out of our sacral chakra without being channeled into art or healthy expression. They fester and form bacteria which can lead to UTIs.

Tap into the occult mysteries, study new age topics like Astrology, Tarot, Crystals etc… Try alternative healing modalities. Working with Scorpionic things will help you to clean your sacred waters and ultimately help you to express yourself more artistically and effectively.




Astrum Medicum: Mars in Libra October 4th- November 19th, 2019

Mars the hot and dry planet will be transiting the sign of Libra for a few weeks. Libra rules the kidneys, venous system, and lower back. With an irritating planet such as Mars transiting the Libra ruled parts of the body, we can expect inflammation hitting the kidneys, venous system, and lower back. Mars is a fast energetic planet, and when he finds himself in the sign of balance, it can throw him off. He doesn’t know where to focus his energy and can try to do too many things at once, thinking this is how to achieve balance.

Metaphysically, the way to achieve balance when Mars is transiting Libra is by assessing where you are giving your power. Mars is the Sun’s general. He takes his orders from the King of the solar system. When Mars is in Libra, it’s as though the King is commanding Mars to follow his own orders. Where are you comprising and where do you need to take back your power? Look to the house Libra rules in your natal chart for the answer.

Begin by doing something for yourself everyday. Mars is so busy fulfilling everyone’s orders that he ignores his own.

When we get angry (Mars) it causes our kidneys and venous system to constrict, inhibiting their proper functions. We usually feel angry when someone has hurt us which is a personal attack or threat to our personal power.

Libra is a sign of aesthetics and personal pleasure, so what can you do for yourself to make you feel good and more centred?

This transit will be helped by the Sun also transiting Libra at the same time as Mars.

Astrum Medicum: Mercury in Scorpio October 3rd- December 9th, 2019

Mercury the cold dry planet will be traversing the sign of Scorpio for several weeks. Scorpio rules the “secrets” also known as the reproductive system. There could be pain the urethra, bladder, fallopian tubes or testicles. The coldness and dryness of Mercury causes tension in the sign of the zodiac its transiting. Whenever we feel hesitant to introspect or discuss our emotions (both Scorpionic things), it causes our reproductive system and sacral charka to constrict. The sacred waters of life are found in this area of our body and in order to keep them flowing we have to be able to go within and purge harmful emotions.

If you feel like crying, cry. If you’re angry, express it. The worst thing you can do during Mercury in Scorpio is to hold anything in. Don’t let the sacred waters stagnant.

September Garden: Monthly Faves

Plotinus describes the refining effect of beauty upon the unfolding consciousness of man. Beauty is essential to the natural un-foldment of the human soul. The ancient mysteries proved that it was possible to produce beauty in life by surrounding life with beauty. Aesthetic ideals of architecture, music, and art, encourage others to aspire to a high ideal. Anytime something catches your eye, it’s catching the light of the luminous Sun and Moon that comprise your right and left eye. If you’re moved by a piece of art or a song, ask yourself “why do I like this?” Beauty reveals the transcendent and aspirational qualities we are here to integrate. What you’re drawn to is calling you.

“The Greek word for beauty is to kalon, a root related to the verb kalein – ‘to call.’ Beauty calls, and our heart reverberates with delight. When we experience beauty, there is a sense of homecoming; we find ourselves in the place we have longed to be.” –Christine Valters Paintner

My philosophy is that in order to make the most of your healing modalities, it’s important that you find things that make you feel happy, passionate, and nourished- things that make your heart sing and tummy flutter. When you are able to redirect your energies and attention to things you love, it not only soothes your soul, but it helps you to alchemize negative emotions into positive emotions. If I’m feeling sad or upset I always go to the things that I love for comfort and then suddenly the bad feelings aren’t so bad.

So here are some things that I was drawn to during the month of September.


Graham Tyler Spring 2020

Image result for graham tyler spring 2020

Image result for graham tyler spring 2020

Image result for graham tyler spring 2020

Image result for graham tyler spring 2020

Image result for graham tyler spring 2020

Image result for graham tyler spring 2020

Image result for graham tyler spring 2020

Image result for graham tyler spring 2020


Time Trap

A really cool Sci-Fi movie on Netflix about a bunch of Archaeology students who go searching for their missing professor in a mysterious cave where time itself starts doing some strange things. I wasn’t expecting this movie to be as good as it was and the ending was shocking!

Image result for time trap movie


Cosmic Hair Jewelry


From twinkling hairpins to full-on tiaras, bridal hair accessories have upped their game in recent years. #weddinghair #weddinghairaccessories #weddinghairpins #starhairpins #braidedweddinghair


These Harlin Motorcycle Booties by Guess

Image result for g by guess harlin motorcycle bootie



Albertine Bookstore

Image result for albertine bookstore

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A Book I Want to Read

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That’s all folks! See you in my October garden!

Centaury Mood Board

Symbol: People walk on a weathered stone bridge trampling flowers in their midst..

Things associated with the Bach Flower Essence Centaury:


Vintage Perfume Bottles

Crown of Thorns

An empty teacup

A Turkish Carpet

Pressed Flowers

Silver serving platter


Centaury Mood Board @temple_of_venus





New Moon September 28 2019: Prescription For a Blocked Heart

The New Moon in Libra on September 28th, 2019 is prescribing a dose of heart medicine to us so long as we are willing to receive it.

The New Moon is conjunct the fixed star Zaniah found in the left arm of the Virgo (Virgin) constellation. This star relates to the story of Erigone who was the daughter of Icarius. Zaniah hanged herself through grief at the death of her father.

Icarius was cordial towards Dionysus, who gave his shepherds wine. They became intoxicated and killed Icarius, thinking he had poisoned them. His daughter, Erigone, and her dog, Maera, found his body. Erigone hanged herself over her father’s grave. Dionysus was angry and punished Athens by making all of the city’s maidens commit suicide in the same way. Erigone was placed in the stars as the constellation Virgo.

The alignments at this New Moon are heavy. There is a deep grief with regards to pain about the past. Look to the Capricorn ruled area of your life to see the origins of the memories. The dispositor of the New Moon is Venus in Libra who is trying to balance the need to release the memories from the past with the need to release the feelings associated with the past (of course the two go hand in hand).

Zaniah is found in the upper left arm of the Virgin and this part of our arm is associated with the heart meridian. If you experience pain in your upper left arm, it could be that there is a blockage of energy coming from your heart. The left side of the body is associated with the past. What needs to be released from your past with love?

The easiest way to release your past with love is to express gratitude for whatever it is that hurt you. The New Moon is in Libra which is helping us to look at things from a balanced perspective. Did something really hurt you, or were you just too afraid to respond at the time it was happening?






Happy Birthday Dr. Bach

Today Dr. Edward Bach would have celebrated his 133rd birthday! He is the creator of the Bach Flower Therapy & Essences. It’s a non-invasive vibrational medicine system that uses the energy of certain flowers to boost positive emotions in a person. If you’d like to learn more about this incredible therapy, check out my blog where I have many articles written about it.

Dr. Bach was born a day after the Autumn Equinox when the Sun was in the 1st degree of Libra. As with Astrology symbols, reading the symbol for the following degree can shed some insight into Dr. Bach’s life.

Libra 2. A vast tract of windmills. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degee Angel: Haamiah (He-AH-mee-YAH) Circuitry, Ritual and ceremony)

You pick up on a wide variety of different thoughts that are continually passing through the minds of others, and tune in to the currents of thought forms affecting humanity as a whole. Rather than falling prey to the chaos and negativity that this sea of thoughts so often carries, you are good at finding the positive, life supporting currents within it and amplifying these. Your forte is the ability to put seemingly aimless energy to some sort of good use that benefits all.

This symbol is about tuning into the hidden life forces of nature and using them to heal others. This is exactly what Dr. Bach did when he used his sensory perception to learn what the emotional and spiritual healing properties of flowers were.

Dr. Bach was a Libra in the truest sense as he wanted to bring people back to a place of homeostasis or balance. Down below are some of my favourite quotes by Dr. Bach taken from his work ‘Free Thyself.’

“Our soul speaks to us through our intuition, our instincts, through our desires, ideals, our ordinary likes and dislikes; in whichever way it is easiest for us individually to hear- they are given to us, so that we can interpret the spiritual commands of our soul by means of our limited physical perceptions.”

“The soul knows that satisfaction is the one real cure for all that we are.”

“We can judge our health by our happiness and by our happiness we can know that we are obeying the dictates of our soul.”

“We are merely here to manifest in material form the perfection with which we have been endowed from the beginning of all time.”

“It is only by serving out of love and happiness that we can truly be of use, and do our best work.”

“…interpreting in an ordinary materialistic way the message of that true self. We can judge therefore, by our health and by our happiness, how well we are interpreting this message.”

“All earthly things are but the interpretation of things spiritual.”

“The bee, by it’s very choice of a particular flower for its honey, is the means used to bring it the pollen necessary for the future life of its young plants.”

“Interference brings disease.”

“Up to us whether we use interferences to establish ourselves more firmly in our purpose.”

“The more apparent difficulties on the path, the more we may be certain that our mission is worthwhile.”

“The body merely serves to reflect the workings of the soul.”

“Difficulties are encouragements because they mean we are aiming high.”

“The amount of peace, of happiness, of joy, of health, and of well being that comes in our lives depends also on the amount of which the vital force can enter and illuminate our existence.”



*It was exactly one year ago today that I signed up for the Bach Flower Therapy Level 1 Course. I did the online version and completed it by February. I will be taking the Level 2 this October and look forward to sharing my experience.


Thank you Dr. Bach


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Autumn Equinox

Libra 1. An apothecary shop in which herbal concoctions and other medicines appear as needed. (Omega Symbol)

“An alchemist invented an apothecary shop which mirrored completely the realm of disease. Anyone who entered it immediately reflected their essence onto the mind of the shop, which generated herbs and compounds as an echoing of felt needs. The shop held all the answers and solutions one could ever desire.
What was curious was how few people came to the shop, and of those few who came and took home the medicines, how many of the medicines were placed on a shelf somewhere and forgotten.
So the shop, always desirous of improving the potency and efficacy of its products began focusing on other medications, such as songs, weather, and memory clusters which it harvested out of people and distilled into custom-made homeopathic essences.
Illusions, properly selected and harvested, were also found to be highly salutory.” – John Sandbach

The Autumn Equinox is about becoming the Sun who is slipping below the horizon and traveling its path of darkness until the Spring Equinox. It’s a beauty that allows us to see inside of others to know what nourishes them the best. This is Libra…the gateway into our shadows. Use her zero degree balancing point of the Equinox to cleanse yourself from fear. Be in the moment. Have intent.

This is the basis of Bach Flower Therapy which is a Libra/Scorpio modality. It’s about combining desire with need and intention to facilitate healing. It is when this trinity is combined- the Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury, that beauty in its most simplest form is revealed. That beauty is manifestation or as one of my favoutite quotes says

“Magic is desire made real”- A Discovery of Witches

Case Study: Holly

In my last two posts I have discussed the Bach Flower Essence Holly and its ruler Virgo. As I’ve discussed, an afflicted Virgo energy in the natal chart or via transit will trigger the Holly state. When I was in College I had the highest grades in my program and there were a few girls who were very jealous of me. They seemed to think that I was getting good grades by means other than studying hard. Jealousy is always projected onto an innocent person who ends up on the receiving end of bullying, hate, aggression, or even violence. I wish those girls could have taken some Holly because they would have realized I had nothing to do with their jealousy, but everything to do with their fear. We have all been jealous of someone at some point, but isn’t it the fear that I may never have what she has that masks itself as jealousy? Those girls could have asked me for study tips or for tutoring if they really wanted to improve their grades, but like I said before, afflicted Virgoan energy never does this because it’s seen as a sickly thing to do. When the Holly state is positively expressing itself, a person reacts swiftly to anything that is impure, so ironically, it’s the bigger picture and self-awareness that is the medicine to what Holly thinks is the actual disease.


In my previous post I discussed the Bach Flower Essence Holly and its Virgo rulership. Holly is the essence used to treat aggression and jealousy. It arises due to an afflicted Virgo energy in the natal chart. As I previously discussed, the Virgoan duty to obligation becomes mis-used when people find themselves in situations that are toxic but practical. The Virgo can refine and polish situations to make them bearable but the build up of anger causes them to demolish things, hoping this will be the quicker way to perfection (an end product they are happy with). The Holly person becomes jealous when they see other people with what they desire. They feel they are more capable or deserving because they are somehow more worthy. The Holly person needs to understand that with their incredible ability to use the tools at their disposable to create a life of meaning and purpose they first need to deconstruct the inner wall they have built to protect themselves from outside influences which they deem as contaminating forces.